Our 29th Habitat for Humanity House was built on Birch Avenue, in Lake George, NY. This was a project full of “firsts” for our affiliate: it was the first build out volunteer coordinator- Kathy Keenahan- was actively involved in, the first time we used ICFs, and the first time we hosted a build day for an entire family!

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form. This is a relatively new, and rapidly growing technology which has been likened to large, styrofoam Legos. These building blocks are staggered and staked on top of poured footers, as a replacement for typical foundation building materials (concrete blocks or wooden framed walls). Reinforced with cross-bracing and rebar, they provide a rigid structure for concrete to be poured into, and- as the name suggests- add a thermal layer to the concrete that acts as insulation. Our Habitat team found that ICFs are easy, and actually quite fun to install with a group of volunteers. Kathy loved the atmosphere of the build, and that people really got into it! After all, how often do adults get to play with jumbo Legos?!

Birch Ave was also the first time that our affiliate had the pleasure of working with the Mass Family. Every summer the whole Mass Family leaves their home in NYC to vacation in Lake George. This large group is extraordinary! They do something on their family vacation that most wouldn’t- they volunteer with Habitat! Our affiliate is always excited to welcome them back to the build for a day of family fun, bonding, and hard work!

It is so heartwarming to see people putting both their family first, as well as our Habitat partner families! The Mass family has already promised to return to us in the summer of 2019!